Due to some confusion with the proper use of the Guest Parking Pass, which was distributed in May, the following change is made for the Guest Parking Pass and registration of guest vehicles:

Effective Wednesday, July 1, 2015 the Guest Parking Pass is only for use during daytime hours (8 a.m. thru 11 p.m.)  The Guest Parking Pass must be displayed on the front dashboard of a guest’s vehicle parked for more than one hour at Hillcrest 11 during daytime hours of 8 a.m. thru 11 p.m.

After July 1st DO NOT USE Guest Parking Pass for overnight parking.

Any guest vehicle parked at Hillcrest 11 beyond 11 p.m. or overnight must be registered with AZPES Parking Patrol.  The laminated Guest Parking Pass or a note inside the vehicle will no longer be acceptable.


*  Guests cannot park at Hillcrest 11 unless they are personally present and visiting or staying with a resident overnight.

*  Any resident who has a loner or rental car MUST call and register the loner or rental vehicle with AZPES Parking Patrol.

*  The parking security patrol has been very successful in ensuring unauthorized vehicles are no longer parking in our lot at our expense.

*  Thank you for your  cooperation with ensuring our parking lot is maintained for the benefit of our neighbors and guests.

*  The Board of Directors does not have info regarding the reason your vehicle was towed or received a warning.  Please direct concerns regarding parking or towing to AZPES Parking Patrol at (954) 707-8314 or

*  Residents are responsible for the actions and conduct of their guests.  Costs for towing are the responsibility of the vehicle owner/operator.  All violations are documented and photographed.

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