Every unit owner should have received a mailing that addresses the Hillcrest 11 bylaws that pertain to long-term guests.  Recently, our HOA Board encountered four unit owners who did not register their long-term guest or had guests (renters) live in their unit in a manner that was sneaky.  In one instance,  unauthorized tenants were discovered when a realtor came to show a 2-bedroom unit advertised as a rental.  The new parking permit policy has been useful in identifying such misconduct.  These incidents are alarming and triggered swift response from the Board to discourage further breaches.

Below is an excerpt of the notice the Board distributed on Guest Occupancy:

In order to ensure the safety of our residents, certain rules have been implemented to screen guests and occupancy of units.  One of the benefits of buying into a condominium building is that all residents and prospective residents submit an application and are duly screened and approved by the Board.  This ensures that all occupants of a condominium building have been vetted for criminal and other background checks which provide peace-of-mind to all residents.  If people are allowed to move into units or have extended visits without this screening process, it circumvents this process and can pose a potential risk to residents.

You can view our bylaws by clicking that link >> Hillcrest 11 Bylaws



September 10, 2015


RE: Compliance with Occupancy Rules and Regulations

Dear Unit Owner:

In order to ensure the safety and security of our residents certain rules have been put in place regarding screening of guests and occupancy of units.  One of the benefits of buying into a condominium building is that all residents and prospective residents submit an application and are duly screened and approved by the Board.  This ensures that all occupants of a condominium building have been vetted for criminal and other background checks which provide peace-of-mind to all the other residents of the building.   If people are allowed to move into units or have extended visits without this screening process, it circumvents this process and poses a potential risk to all residents.

We would like to remind you of the rules and regulations regarding use and occupancy of units.  You may view the bylaws and rules and regulations in their entirety at http://www.hillcrest11.com should you need further clarification:

* Notification to the Board is required seven (7) days prior to visitors arriving who will be staying with the owner for longer than seven (7) days.  The owner MUST be present during the stays of any guests other than immediate family members as designated in our by-laws.  However, the Board in either case must be notified prior to the visit along with the length of stay in writing.   No individual or guest can park, or leave their vehicles in our parking lot if the owner is not present in the unit such as out of town, etc.

* If any guests will be visiting longer than 15 days, the Board requires the guests to submit an application and have a background criminal check conducted at the cost of the guest or unit owner.

* Please remember, as per our by-laws any stay by a visitor or guest cannot exceed 29 days.

* During a lengthy absence the owner should notify the Board of their absence and anticipated return. This allows the Board to take action in an emergency.  Also, this provides the ability of the Board to notice and report any suspicious activity to the police during the owner’s absence.

* Legal occupancy of units: According to HUD 7465.1 Rev. 2 Chapter 5 a one bedroom unit cannot be legally occupied by more than two (2) individuals and a two-bedroom unit cannot be legally occupied by more than four (4) individuals (regardless of age).

We thank you in advance for your compliance with these important occupancy guidelines.



For and on behalf of

Hillcrest Country Club #11

Condominium Association


Estimado propietario de la unidad: Con el fin de garantizar la seguridad y la seguridad de nuestros residentes ciertas reglas se han puesto en marcha en relación con la detección de personas y la ocupación de las unidades. Una de las ventajas de comprar en un edificio de condominios es que todos los residentes y futuros residentes presentan una solicitud y se encuentran debidamente examinados y aprobados por la Junta. Esto asegura que todos los ocupantes de un edificio de condominios han sido controlados para la verificación de antecedentes penales y otros que proporcionan la paz de la mente para el resto de los residentes del edificio. Si las personas se les permite moverse en unidades o han ampliado las visitas sin este proceso de selección, se evita este proceso y representa un riesgo potencial para todos los residentes. Nos gustaría recordarles las reglas y regulaciones relacionadas con el uso y la ocupación de las unidades. Usted puede ver los estatutos y las normas y reglamentos en su totalidad en http://www.hillcrest11.com Si necesita más aclaraciones: • Notificación a la Junta se requiere siete (7) días antes de los visitantes que llegan que se alojarán con el propietario durante más de siete (7) días. El propietario debe estar presente durante las estancias de los huéspedes que no sean miembros de la familia inmediata según lo señalado en nuestros estatutos. Sin embargo, la Junta, en cualquier caso debe ser notificado antes de la visita junto con la duración de la estancia por escrito. Ningún individuo o invitado pueden aparcar, o dejar su vehículo en el estacionamiento si el propietario no está presente en la unidad como fuera de la ciudad, etc. • Si alguno de los huéspedes estarán visitando más de 15 días, la Junta requiere a los invitados a presentar una solicitud y tener una verificación de antecedentes penales realizado a costa del propietario de invitados o unidad. • Por favor, recuerde, de acuerdo con nuestros estatutos cualquier estancia por un visitante o invitado no puede exceder de 29 días. • Durante una larga ausencia, el propietario debe notificar a la Junta de su ausencia y el retorno esperado. Esto permite a la Junta que tome medidas en caso de emergencia. Además, esto proporciona la capacidad de la Junta a notar y reportar cualquier actividad sospechosa a la policía durante la ausencia del dueño. • Capacidad legal de unidades: Según HUD 7465.1 Rev. 2 Capítulo 5 una unidad de un dormitorio no puede ser legalmente ocupada por más de dos (2) personas y una unidad de dos dormitorios no puede ser legalmente ocupada por más de cuatro (4) personas ( independientemente de la edad). Le damos las gracias de antemano por su cumplimiento de estas directrices de ocupación importantes.




  1. I’m a Canadian from Quebec City, Canada living at the Hillcrest 11.
    Talking for myself
    I really don’t understand why a GUEST need to have a criminal background check after 15 days and why a VISITOR from an other country who is admitted in the USA by the agents of Immigration need to have a criminal background check also
    In the Bylaws you can read: “after the 29 days continuous occupancy” it’s different of 29 days total.
    I agree than the HOA Board needs to know :
    – who is present in the building
    – the length of stay of a guest
    – every owner or tenant should have a criminal background check but each guest
    after 15 days I don’t get it.

    I had my sister 63 years old and my brother-in-law 70 years old visiting for more than 2 months the last 2 years. WAS IT A PROBLEM?
    This year they rent a condo in Hollywood because here they can’t use the guest parking for more than 14 days when the guest parking is empty almost every morning and they really don’t agree of spending $200 us almost $300 Canadian for a background check when the Immigration accepted them in the USA as visitors.
    What about somebody who is single and wants to share his life with somebody, no more than 29 days?
    Each time there is an issue at the Hillcrest 11 there is a new rule following.
    Everything has to be black or white, there is never space for gray and the good people are always the losers.
    The Bylaw is very old and really need to be amended.May be some people would like to work on it and may be it’s time to vote again about the possibility of renting,
    Jeanne Pichette – #314

    • One of the advantages and benefits of living in a condominium community, is the assurance that all residents are vetted and screened by the Board of Directors which includes background and criminal checks. This protects the investments of all other residents and ensures those individuals who are allowed to move into our community are responsible and law-abiding.

      New rules are not being created with regard to extended stay guests, etc. These rules have always been a part of the by-laws which every current resident of Hillcrest 11 agreed to adhere to when they were screened and by signing the application for purchase into Building 11. We understand that not everyone reads the entire document, but that is ultimately the responsibility of anyone buying into a condominium is to thoroughly read the governing documents and ask specific questions during the interview/screening process. The Board of Directors has a legal responsibility to adhere and enforce the by-laws which govern our building.

      Additionally, the Board of Directors has authority over the parking lot and must ensure that all residents are able to have guests visits and have spaces available for the guests of all residents.
      Having rules and regulations in a condominium is to ensure all residents know the limitations of the use of common areas and to ensure respectful coexistence with other residents in the building.

      There are rules and regulations with home ownership enforced by code ordinances, and even in a rental apartment community there are rules and regulations which govern the conduct and use of the rental units. Therefore, having rules and regulations which govern home ownership is not unique to condominiums.

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