Building Electrical Upgrade To Start

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Dear Hillcrest 11 Residents:

The electrical upgrade to our building will commence on Friday, May 20th and continue until completed. This project should take one to two weeks for completion.

The electrician, Michael Kovacs, who has done electrical work in our building and throughout Hillcrest will be doing the project.  The project will consist of six compression pins being installed on the main electrical line into each unit (three pins at the panel inside the unit, and three pins at the meter in the meter room).

Mr. Kovacs will be contacting you each individually to arrange a day and time for him to complete the work in your unit.  This is a complete building upgrade, so Mr. Kovacs must be given access into your unit to complete this work..  Please move any items from near the main breaker panel in your unit.  The power to your unit will be disrupted for a short time while the work in your unit is completed.

This work is required to bring the electrical wiring up to code as aluminum instead of copper was used on the main lines into each unit when the building was constructed.  Aluminum is not a good conductor of heat, and this can result in the lines becoming loose resulting in electrical shorts and arching.

Thank you for your cooperation in working with Mr. Kovacs so we can have this project completed as soon as possible.  And, we apologize in advance for any disruptions and inconveniences.

Board of Directors