Fresh Coat of Paint

painting 1

It’s time for a fresh new look at Hillcrest Building 11,

In consultation with Chuck’s Painting, three options have been chosen for residents to make a selection of their preference for the new look of our building.

The paint colors were selected on the criteria to minimize costs associated with applying more than one coat.   We also tried to appeal to a broad range of tastes which includes a color scheme similar to the existing colors, a slightly bolder color combination, and then a modern sophisticated color scheme.

Samples of the paint colors have been painted on the wall outside the first floor laundry area.  Renderings illustrating how the building will look with the color options have also been included to make it easier to imagine the end result.

Additionally, since the back of our building faces Hillcrest Lane, and is essentially the main facade that many see of our building in the community, we attempted to make the building more architecturally interesting by paint application method.  The darker color on the bottom of the building will also help hide dirt and sprinkler stains that are common on the lower levels.  However, the interior (walkway) side of the building will all be the same color using the color of the top portion of the building in the back.

Accent color will be used on the doors, railing caps, the bottom vertical (eyebrow) portion of the balconies and walkways and on the fascia board around the building.  The accent color will also be used on the decorative shutters on either side of the windows at the front of the building.  The same accent color, or a darker hue will be used on the catwalks as well.

There is a selection board near the mailboxes in which each unit can indicate their “vote” for the color scheme they most prefer.  The color option selected by a majority of unit owners will then be the new color of Hillcrest Building 11.

The voting will be open until Friday, July 29th.  We anticipate the building to be painted in early August.

Please keep aware of postings with instructions with regard to relocating your vehicles during painting on the building.

Option 1:

Hillcrest building 11 Option 1

Option 2:

Hillcrest building 11 # Option 2

Option 3:

Hillcrest building 11  Option 3