2016-2017 Board of Directors


2016-2017 Board Members & Officers:

  • Jeff Ladner, President (Unit 203)
  • Diane Ferguson, Vice-President (Unit 115)
  • Geneva Bramel, Secretary/Treasurer (Unit 108)
  • Fernando Sanchez (Unit 114)
  • Phaedra de Sa Leon (Unit 308)

As Hillcrest Building 11 has five members of the Board of Directors, we will implement the concept of Floor Captains.  There will be a Floor Captain on each floor. Residents who have any issues or emergencies with their unit should speak with the Floor Captain on their floor.   Additionally, the Floor Captain will be responsible for monitoring their respective floor for any repair or service issues, violations of rules, etc. and report back to the Board.

Captain First Floor:        Fernando Sanchez (Unit 114)

Captain Second Floor:   Jeff Ladner (Unit 203)

Captain Third Floor:      Phaedra de Sa Leon (Unit 308)

Thank you,

Board of Directors