And, The Winner Is . . .

Option Two Wins by a landslide with 23 votes of the 42 units.

Hillcrest building 11 # Option 2

Hillcrest Building 11 residents were presented with three color schemes for the painting of our building.

Option Two won resoundingly with 23 votes.  Option 1 and 3 only each received one vote.

Voting was open for about three weeks and closed on July 30, 2016.

Painting of the building is currently scheduled for the end of August.

In anticipation of the building being painted, the drainage line clean-outs were installed outside the laundry room and the dumpster room.

Also, the building is being rewired by Comcast which will also replace the old broken wire covers along the building with new metal covers which will then be painted to match the building.

When the building is being painted, it is important that awnings and/or shutters are opened so that windows and doors can be re-chalked and the body of the building painted completely.

The painter will first pressure clean the building and then apply primer and paint. The work will commence in the front area first and move into the back of the building.

Please pay attention to the bulletin board for additional information and notices.