Avoid being bitterGreetings,

To better keep residents informed of items of interests, upcoming projects and improvements and to provide a resource library, we developed this website so that you are easily connected and better informed of what your HOA Board is doing to enhance the quality of living at Hillcrest Country Club Condominium Association.

We hope the improvements you have seen in the last year or two reflects how much we care about where we live.   Also, I intend to use this website to keep you abreast of information important to our residents.  Additionally, on each floor there has been a communication bulletin board placed to communicate more timely information.  Please ensure you frequently monitor the bulletin boards for new information.

Additionally, we have built a resource library that you can access and print as needed.  It will contain hurricane preparation pointers, community event notices, copies of our bylaws, rules and regulations, insurance certificates and preferred vendors, to name but a few.

This website will help you keep abreast of what’s going on in your community and your building.  The Board hopes that each and everyone of you becomes involved in maintaining our property, suggesting improvements and noticing items in need of repair.  We do not have a management company and the Board is a voluntary, non-compensated position, comprised of your neighbors who choose to take an active role in administering the building.

In closing, my goal with this website is to provide a means for every ONE of you to become active as well, in whatever capacity is comfortable for you, whether you contribute to neighborhood watch, community events, beautification or administrative tasks.  No condominium can maintain itself.  Only with the thankless, countless hours of time and energy of volunteers, such as the Board members, can we all be proud to call Hillcrest Bldg. #11 home!

Your President,

Jeff Ladner
Unit 203