(For a complete list of rules and regulation, kindly refer to the general rules and regulations.)


  • Residents must park in their assigned space only.

  • Parking decal must be affixed on lower corner of driver’s side rear window.

  • All vehicles must be in operating order.

  • No trucks or large SUVs may be parked in interior parking lot.


  • Overnight guest(s) must display guest pass from car’s rear view mirror.

  • Guests cannot park at Hillcrest 11 unless they are personally present and visiting or staying with a resident overnight.

  • parkingpermitResidents are responsible for providing your guest(s) with a parking permit.  To get a permit, download and submit permit application, just click there >> Parking Permit Application

  • Your guest(s) are not allowed to park in your assigned parking space at any time.

  • No guest parking in designated Service parking space.

  • Guests must park in designated guest parking space only.
  • Guest should not leave unattended vehicle in Service or 10-Minute space.
  • Guests staying more than 5 days must obtain a temporary parking permit to be displayed in vehicle at all times while parked at Hillcrest Building 11
  • Residents are responsible for ensuring their guest(s) park in designated guest space and abide by parking rules while parked at Hillcrest Building 11.

GENERAL RULES (Residents and Guests)

  • No parking permitted in any area of parking courtyard that is not designated for parking, this includes: fire lanes, grassy areas or in front of main entrace.

  • No parking in area that blocks trash dumpster area.

  • Do not park in front of building entry at any time (FIRE LANE). hillcrest11_parking1534DRAKES

  • Head-in parking only.  No double-parking permitted.

  • All vehicles must display proper parking permit at all times.
  • Service/Emergency space is for use by service and emergency vehicles.
  • 10-Minute space is for use by residents for quick transfer of items to/from car. Guests may use this space ONLY if vehicle is attended to at all times and for pick-ups.
  • The HOA Board does not have info regarding the reason you vehicle was towed or received a warning.
  • Remove all valuables from your vehicle, the Home Owners Association is NOT responsible for damage or any form of theft.

Any infraction of a parking rule or regulation by a resident will result in notice of violation and/or immediate towing without notice at the vehicle owner’s expense.