THE SPIRIT of the CHRISTMAS SEASON arrived at Hillcrest 11 Thanksgiving night.

While turkeys and pumpkin pies baked, Holiday Elves (aka Jeff and Max) made time to adorn bannisters and palm trees with a dash of holiday sparkle, to create a warm welcome for residents, and their guests, as they arrive at Hillcrest 11 to spread good tidings this holiday season.

If you like the  #DelightfulLights  #GorgeousGlow  #TerrificTwinkle  do let them know.

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Dear Hillcrest 11 Residents,

imagesLet me take this opportunity to wish each of you and yours a very wonderful holiday season and a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!!

In 2012 we continued to self-manage our building.  Owner monthly assessments were paid timely, as well as past due amounts collected on those units which were previously in foreclosure.  We continue to have a few units in arrears and are working with our attorneys to become more aggressive with this process.

Additionally, 2012 saw some improvements to our building with regard to security, compliance with Fire and City regulations, replacing defective gutters and trash chute doors, and have renegotiated several contracts providing substantial savings to the Association.

I would personally like to thank Geneva Bramel for whom I could not have accomplished so much.

My goal for 2013 is to continue to improve the quality of our building to maintain the value and reason we chose to live in Hillcrest 11.  Happy Holidays to each of you!

Your President,

Jeff Ladner

2013 Budget Meeting

We are in the process of preparing the 2013 budget for our annual meeting which will be posted.  This meeting will include proposed changes to the bylaws which must be approved by majority.

We live in a community housing association, and therefore have certain responsibilities to ourselves and each other as residents of Hillcrest 11.

  • Maintain your balcony and area around your unit to reflect consideration of living in a community.

  • Don’t clutter your balcony and don’t put objects in the common areas, such as over railings or on catwalks.  Common areas are not for personal use.

  • Don’t discard items on common ground or walkways.  Pick up items and discard appropriately items you see others may have dropped.

  • Follow the rules and regulations which are in the by-laws or adopted by the Board and which you agreed to abide by.

  • Be respectful of neighbors and also observant of your neighbors’ property and common areas.  Notify a Board Member of any issues. 

Become Involved!!!