Photo of alarm in each unit.

During the mandatory testing of our building’s fire alarms last week, the agent observed and confirmed that the alarm inside one unit on the eastern side of our building appears to have been deliberately disconnected.  If you disarmed the alarm in your unit please reconnect it now so you are adequately notified in the event of a fire emergency.  The disconnection appears on the control panel that will be checked during the upcoming inspection by fire prevention officials, and can cause our Homeowners Association to be charged a penalty.

The HOA Board advises residents who stored items outside of their cabinet in the storage rooms that those items were disposed over the weekend of Oct. 31.  In this instance the disposal was done as a courtesy.  Future disposal of items inappropriately stored in the storage rooms may incur a disposal cost for the property owner.



Reminder:  Announcements and updates from the HOA Board and Hillcrest Presidents’ Council are posted on the bulletin board near the elevator on each floor.