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Dear Hillcrest Building 11 Residents:

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce a new resource library of forms, requests and applications needed by residents to submit to the Association for various items such as:

  1. Request of water valve shut off
  2. Request to have AC pump turned off
  3. Parking permit application
  4. Extended stay guest registration
  5. Request for access to common areas by contractors or for the delivery of large items to your unit.

Hopefully, this will allow a more convenient means for our residents to access these documents in order to submit timely to the Board of Directors.

The Resource Library is located at the top of the main page menu.  Or you can click here –>  Hillcrest Building 11 Resource Library



Every unit owner should have received a mailing that addresses the Hillcrest 11 bylaws that pertain to long-term guests.  Recently, our HOA Board encountered four unit owners who did not register their long-term guest or had guests (renters) live in their unit in a manner that was sneaky.  In one instance,  unauthorized tenants were discovered when a realtor came to show a 2-bedroom unit advertised as a rental.  The new parking permit policy has been useful in identifying such misconduct.  These incidents are alarming and triggered swift response from the Board to discourage further breaches.

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Due to some confusion with the proper use of the Guest Parking Pass, which was distributed in May, the following change is made for the Guest Parking Pass and registration of guest vehicles:

Effective Wednesday, July 1, 2015 the Guest Parking Pass is only for use during daytime hours (8 a.m. thru 11 p.m.)  The Guest Parking Pass must be displayed on the front dashboard of a guest’s vehicle parked for more than one hour at Hillcrest 11 during daytime hours of 8 a.m. thru 11 p.m.

After July 1st DO NOT USE Guest Parking Pass for overnight parking.

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Your investment in Hillcrest 11,  your personal property and safety are now benefiting from an additional security feature introduced by the parking monitoring service recently implemented by unanimous vote of the HOA Board.

Recently, two units were occupied by people not authorized by the HOA Board to reside on Hillcrest 11 property.  Those people brought 4 cars into our already limited parking courtyard.  The new parking permits and parking monitoring service, quickly addresses the inconvenience presented by unauthorized vehicles using our parking courtyard.  Those vehicles and unauthorized residents are gone, as well as vehicles that were parked at Hillcrest 11 by people in nearby buildings.

As of May 1, 2015 the parking courtyard at Hillcrest 11 is monitored by A-Z Parking Enforcement Solutions “AZPES”.  Direct your concerns regarding parking or towing issues to A-Z Parking at (954) 707-8314 or


1.  No parking on grass, in Fire or travel lanes.
2.  Don’t park in “LOADING ZONE” or block dumpster.
3.  No parking on sidewalk or in “No Parking” areas.
4.  “FOR SALE” sign should not be posted in or on vehicle.
5.  No license plate displayed, an expired license plate, temp tag altered or not assigned to vehicle.
6.  No commercial vehicles 5pm – 9am or any inoperable vehicles (flat tires, etc.)
7.  Resident decal required to park in Resident parking areas.
8.  Guest Permit required to use guest parking areas over 15 days with Board approval.
9.  Register with A-Z Parking for guest vehicle parked overnight in GUEST space between 11 pm – 8 am.
10. Residents are not permitted to park in Guest parking spaces; guests are not permitted to park in Resident parking spaces.
11.  No parking in guest parking without registering guest vehicle.
12.  No reverse parking in any space, and vehicle must not protrude from parking space.
13.  Motorcycles must park in a parking space.
14.  Moving trucks cannot park overnight, no overnight parking in “Service” space or unattended vehicle in “Drop Off/Pick Up” space.

It is in your best interest to adhere to community regulations per Association by-laws, and all duly adopted rules pertaining to parking areas.

The HOA Board of Directors will not have any info on the reason your vehicle was towed.  Kindly direct questions about enforcement to A-Z Parking

Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guest(s), any costs associated with towing are the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner/operator.  All violations are documented and photographed.


Dear Hillcrest 11 Residents,

Let me take this opportunity to wish each of you and yours a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!!

We have two very important meetings scheduled which we encourage eery resident to attend.  One will be the budget meeting in which the Board will approve the 2013 annual budget, and then give the residents the opportunity to waive the reserve requirement.  In order to waive reserves, we need a quorum of the residents and then 51% of those in attendance or by proxy must vote to waive or else reserves, per state law, will be collected.  Also, residents will be voting on two proposed amendments to our by-laws which require approval by 75% of all residents in order to pass.

The Annual meeting in March will be to elect members to the Board.  When you get the packet, please indicate if you wish to serve on the Board.  A few residents have been involved, but our community needs more people to become involved.

Packets will be mailed to all residents.


Cars parked inappropriately will be towed without notice and at owner’s expense.  Reserved handicap parking is NOT for residents parking.  Have your guest(s) park in designated parking spaces only.

This is your home.  Please don’t throw trash on common grounds, overfill trash containers or leave items outside around trash collection containers.  Let’s take pride in where you live and keep the building clean for your neighbors and guests to visit.


The following meetings will be held in Meeting Room #3 next to pool:

Budget & Reserves: February 12, 2013 @ 6.30 p.m.

Annual Meeting: March 28, 2013 @ 6.30 p.m.

Capital Improvement Projects

  • Second floor railing restoration is in permitting process and will begin once the permit is issuedhillcrest11security_1807 by he City of Hollywood.
  • Quotes have been obtained for a camera security system and bid will be awarded and cameras installed on the property for security and surveillance.
  • Quote to be obtained for elevator improvements to ceiling, lighting and control panel.
  • Meet with company regarding parking lot improvements.  City of Hollywood regulations are having to be obtained with regarding to improvement and Board attempt to increase parking spaces if allowed.  Once completed, the bidding of parking lot improvements will begin.  Hoping this project can begin late spring or early summer.
  • Automatic closures will be installed on security gates to ensure they close properly.


Dear Hillcrest 11 Residents,

I hope you see the exciting, new changes at Hillcrest #11 and are taking pride in our efforts to maintain and improve our community for all residents.

Some completed and planned changes:


  1. New security gateshillcrest11trashlite_2125 (pictured here).
  2. New lighting fixtures at trash chutes (pictured here).
  3. New trash chutes (pictured here).
  4. Repair of the roof hatch (leaking).
  5. New locks on storage rooms and meter room.
  6. Removal of all shopping carts (please use your own cart or the valet cart).  No shopping carts allowed on property.  We have been cited by the fire department.
  7. New trash collection service.
  8. Repair of railing (concrete).

Reminder:  Please do not discard any item that cannot fit into dumpster in the dumpster room.  This is not allowed.  You must dispose of large bulk items yourself . Waste services does not collect these items.

Please ensure our new security gates are securely closed behind you.


The new recycling bins are co-mingled, meaning hillcrest11bins_1925no separate containers for newspaper and other items.  However, DO NOT dispose of trash or items not listed into these bins.  Collection of recyclable trash  happens every Thursday.

For a list of recyclable trash that can be placed in blue bins, just click here –> RECYCLE THIS.