To download a copy of the by-laws which govern Hillcrest Country Club Condominium Association, No. 11, Inc., click the link below:

Condominium By-laws and Governing Documents

For a copy of our community rules and regulations click the link below:

Rules & Regulations


These guidelines have been compiled and approved by your Board of Directors for the convenience of the owners, guests and independent contractors.  It is the responsibility of each owner to become thoroughly familiar with all of these rules and regulations.  Strict observance will create and maintain an atmosphere of dignity and harmony, and avoid embarrassment for yourself.  These rules shall apply to and be binding upon all the residents of the building whether owners or not.


1.   Each owner is expected to maintain their unit in an appropriate state of preservation and cleanliness.

2.   Individual radio and TV aerials or antennae are not permitted on the exterior walls or the roofs of the building.

3.   Attachments to the exterior walls and windows of the building are not permitted.

4.   Remodeling or structural changes to the interior of a unit that involves changes to electrical wiring or plumbing requires the written approval of Board of Directors before any work begins.  Failure to secure approval will expose unit owner to liability should damage(s) to building structure or neighboring unit(s) occur.

5.   Due to open-window living and the fact that walls are not soundproofed, noise management and consideration for neighbors is expected.

6.   Service personnel and other persons requiring entry to a unit must be admitted by the owner or a person designated by the owner.

7.   Each owner is required to leave a duplicate key to their unit in the Association’s office  (see Board President) as required by State law for protection and preservation of the premises.  This key may only be used for emergency access to a unit and must not to leave the possession of a Board member when in use.

8.   If a unit owner of the 2nd or 3rd floor wants to install floor covering other than carpet (i.e., tile, parquet, etc.), they must also install insulation approved by Board of Directors.

9.   Grilling or cooking of any kind is not permitted on balconies, terraces, walkways or lawn areas.

10.  Bicycles, shopping carts, perambulators or similar vehicles are not permitted in elevators, on upper floors of the building, catwalks, stairwells, in storage room laundry rooms or pool area, except when in-transit to storage or a unit.

11.  Signs, notices, flyers, ads, etc., may not be posted without approval of the Board.

12.  Interfering with plants, shrubs, grass or trees growing on the premises is prohibited.

13.  Pets are not allowed to reside on or roam the premises untethered at any time.

14.  Owners are not to sweep or throw, or permit their guest(s) to sweep or throw, from unit or patio, any dirt, dust, cigarettes, cigars, ashes, water, paper or other substances.

15.  Cost to repair damage to the elevators, stairways or other parts of the building caused by moving objects (i.e., furniture, appliances, equipment, etc.) to or from a unit shall be paid by the owner of the property being moved.

16.  The sidewalks, entrances, driveways, passages, patios, foyers, courts, elevators, vestibules, stairways, corridors and halls must not be obstructed, in any manner, by  residents, or used for any purpose other than ingress or egress to and from the premises.

17.  Parking area regulations and enforcement of rules is handled by the Board of Directors.


1.   The Board of Directors must be notified, in writing, of the anticipated visit of parents or children of the owner in the absence of the owner seven (7) days prior to the visit.

2.   The owner is responsible for the behavior of their guest(s) and for assuring their guest(s) are familiar with condo rules and other regulations.

3.   Residential units cannot be used for commercial transactions or conducting business enterprises.  Person-to-person soliciting is prohibited.

4.   Employees of resident owners are not permitted to have overnight guests in the unit of their employer at any time.  Daytime employees are not eligible to use any of the facilities of the Association.

5.   An owner planning a lengthy absence (3 days or more) from their unit should notify the Board of Directors in writing.


1.   Do not put boxes, cartons, or old rugs into garbage chutes.

2.   Be responsible, clean up your accidental spills.

3.   Only place garbage secured in plastic bags in trash chutes.

4.   Commercial waste (old carpeting, tiles, refrigerators) should be removed from premises by contractor.

5.   Do not ride in the elevator while wearing dripping swimwear.

6.   Your neighbors are entitled to a peaceful environment.  Please avoid loud noise from TV, radio and computer in your unit, and monitor the volume of conversations in common spaces, such as walkways and parking area.

7.   Proper attire should be worn in and around the building.  This is not a clothing optional community.

8.   It is the obligation of each owner to provide access to their unit on the second Tuesday of each month to allow a licensed, professional exterminator, employed by the building, to spray or place vermin eradication bait.  If the owner is unable to facilitate entry to their unit  arrangements should be made to provide a caretaker, or in an emergency, authorize the Board to use the key(s) provided for this purpose, as per Florida law.

9.   All assessment payments shall be subject to a $25.00 late fee if assessment is not paid within ten (10) days of the monthly due date.


1.   Coin washing machines and dryers are provided for proper use by residents, and are to be used in strict accordance with the guidelines posted in each laundry room.

2.   Do not overload machines.  Do not wash or dry old mats or footwear in machines.  Please wipe interior of machines and clean lint filter after you use machines.

3.   No drying or airing of clothes on walkway railings or any places other than the designated laundry facilities.