We congratulate and encourage all homeowners who can afford to invest in remodeling and enhancing their home, as long as all construction work is performed in accordance with condominium rules and permits.

To make sure we’re all on the same page and aware of important rules that contractors should adhere to in order to minimize inconvenience and irritation to your neighbors, and help you avoid additional financial liability, we provide this convenient listing:

  • Contractors are permitted to perform construction services Monday through Saturday only. Work that creates invasive noise must commence after 9am and conclude by 5pm.

    Breakdown sheetrock and deposit into dumpster. Ask Board Member to unlock dumpster door.

    Construction debris MUST FIT INSIDE green dumpster or contractor must take it off our property. Contact a Board member to unlock dumpster room.

  • Inform your contractors that they are responsible for the proper disposal of bulk materials and debris off-site — DO NOT LEAVE DEBRIS AT 4900 WASHINGTON ST. that cannot be bagged and deposited into the green dumpster without consuming the entire dumpster.  Items that cannot be put in dumpster, include: closet doors, kitchen cabinets, carpet, mirrored/glass wall panels, sinks and toilet bowls.

    Homeowner or contractor must clean up all mess made in common areas each day they make a mess.

  • The same rule applies to Do-It-Yourself projects.
  • Contractors are not permitted to use the elevator at Hillcrest Bldg. 11 for transporting work materials.
  • The homeowner and contractor will be held financially liable for prompt repair of any  damage to building in the course of performing construction, preparation, and completion of work.  Homeowner and contractor are also responsible for thorough clean-up of any residue left in parking courtyard, foyer, stairwells, walkways and on doors and walls.
  • Electrical and plumbing work must be performed by licensed contractors only.  Homeowners are not permitted to perform Do-It-Yourself electrical or plumbing projects.
  • When a contractor damages common areas the homeowner will receive notice of financial responsibility and can be fined, if warnings are ignored, until the repair is satisfactorily completed.
  • These rules and obligations should be taken very seriously.  Homeowners Association Board Members are empowered to document all breaches of condo rules and execute enforcement within legal guidelines.

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