Click the below links for storm preparation guidance:

>> Hurricane Preparation & Evacuation Pointers

>>  National Weather Service hurricane preparedness videos

>>  National Weather Service  – National Hurricane Center

>>  Plan, Prepare &  Mitigate – FEMA Guidelines

>>  National Hurricane Center – National Outreach Resources

>>  Disaster Assistance

>>  Before a Hurricane –




  1. Hi there….need your help again…received a request from my mortgage co requesting a copy of the homeowners association’s current master hazard insurance also asks for the management company name, address, # of units in condominium complex, bldg,, telephone #, master policy insurance company, agent’s name and phone #, along w/policy # and expiration date…..(i have a form for these questions that i have to complete)…please let me know what to do!

    • The insurance certificates are located in the residents section of the website. Also there are instructions to request this form following the EOI Direct instructions or call 877-456-3643

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