To commemorate the occasion of the City of Hollywood celebrating 90 years since gaining incorporation on November 28, 1925, the City is hosting public events to celebrate Hollywood.

In the last 90 years Hollywood has grown from a seaside resort that primarily served retirees and vacationing families, to the 12th largest city in the sate of Florida, that is distinguished by its brick pavered oceanfront Broadwalk, alluring beaches and as an emerging creative arts destination.

Mark your calendar, below are some of the activities you should check out with your friends and family.  Grab a slice of cake and enjoy “90 Ways to Celebrate”.

A walking tour hosted by the Hollywood Historical Society on Nov. 1st.  The Dream Car Classic and Food Truck Invasion will roll into Downtown,  the Drum Circle will gather in ArtsPark, there will be an assembly for Global Meditation for World Peace, plus Small Business Saturday, and more.  This celebration culminates with a concert at ArtsPark at Young Circle on Saturday, Nov. 21st.


Sunday, Oct. 11thSouth Florida ITALIAN CULTURE & HERITAGE FESTIVAL from 12pm til 8pm, ArtsPark at Young Circle.


The 7th Annual CARDBOARD BOAT RACE paddles into Hollywood’s North Lake on Saturday, Oct. 17th at 1pm at the Hollywood Marina, 700 Polk Street.  Preparation for this fun-filled battle begins with boat building at 8am.  Expect marine-themed activities for children and entertainment by a colorful Bahamian Junkanoo Band.  Food and beverages will be on sale.  For event registration and info., call Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts at 954-921-3404.



Friday, Oct. 23rdArtsPark BOO BASH


Wednesday, Nov. 11thANNUAL VETERAN’S BARBECUE at 12PM in Topeekeegee Yugnee Park.  Vets and active servicemen and women will be served by elected officials, Daughters of the American Revolution and volunteers. Jaxson’s Ice Cream sponsors refreshing treats, and attendees can post copies of  photos of veterans during their service on a wall of honor.




For residents who were unable to attend the Annual Budget Meeting on Monday March 2, 2015, here is a recap of topics and points discussed:

Clubhouse #2 is new meeting location for Hillcrest 11.

Quorum was achieved, the vote to waive funding the reserve account by doubling HOA dues for this year was passed.  But that reserve will be needed when disaster hits, residents should consider saving up anyway to cushion for when the inevitable hike in HOA dues does arrive.

Payment of a special assessment will begin May 1 and paid within 6 months. The assessment will be calculated using 15% and is intended to cover electrical refitting involving the fuse box in each unit.  Residents have until April 1st to make final payment on last year’s special assessment.

The Board proposed a quote of $15,000 for the electrical refitting task.  A resident requested  competing quotes.  The Board will do the homework as it is expected that major expenses have 3  contractor quotes before a final decision.  The sole quote presented is from the electrician who has completed several tasks at Hillcrest 11.

A resident on the 3rd floor reported discourteous conduct by some who do not remove their lint after using dryer.  And someone is using too much detergent or soap that is not branded with the HE logo.  Your money bought this laundry equipment, your money will pay to repair it if we all don’t abide by those guidelines posted in all laundry rooms.  If reading English is challenging, just ask someone for assistance, it will save us money in the long run.  Or perhaps bilingual signs will become the new normal soon.

Residents raised the issue of residents placing litter on the property and not contributing to pick up litter.  A resident recounted observing litter remain untouched for two days.  We all  should chip in to pick up litter that may blow or wash on to Hillcrest 11 or be left by visitors.  This helps manage the cleaning expense for common areas.

The Board announced all meetings will be in ClubhoDCIM100GOPROuse #2 (see photo above) and  Clubhouse #3 (immediately behind Hillcrest 11) is transitioning to a fitness center (see photo, right).  Access to the fitness center is yet to be determined, there will be an annual fee of $52 or more to cover upkeep.  Access to the gate to each pool will be changed to electronic access using a wob.

Parking permits have been ordered, distribution will be announced.   It was emphasized that residents are not allowed to park in guest spaces.  Board introduced a new rule: residents with more than 2 cars must arrange to park off-site.  A resident with a 2-bedroom unit and sometimes 3 cars expressed outrage.  The Board plans to hire a company to monitor the parking courtyard to enforce rules and use of permits.  At first, this expense seems excessive for a 42-unit building already on a tight budget, really!

The campaign to reduce our water bill is still in play, residents are asked to avoid letting faucets run excessively and to trade-up old toilets.  A rebate may still be available from the City of Hollywood.  The Board suggests there might be a leak in the main pipe causing our bill to be more than Building #2 which has about 60 units and water bills averaging $2000 per month.  To inspect for leaks in the main, water must be shut-off.  Will the City reimburse if a leak is found?  Stay tuned for update.

Hillcrest Country Club

Insights on pros and cons of the development proposals for Hillcrest were shared and residents were encouraged to visit: HILLCRESTINFORMATION.com and attend an information meeting in Hillcrest Country Club.  Read the flyer, click there >> PROS & CONS.  Government ID is required to cast your vote at the Hillcrest Country Club.  PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT VOTE, YOU ARE IN FACT VOTING FOR THE OLD PLAN.

Residents should have received a mailing announcing the process for Election of HOA Board at the Annual Membership Meeting on Monday, April 27, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. in Clubhouse #2 at 1151 S. Hillcrest Court.  Anyone interested in volunteering to be a Board Member should submit their candidate information sheet by March 18th.


This report was updated March 9th @ 12.45 pm.   Previous post stated that residents parking a third car at Hillcrest 11 would be fined.


For the record and those who were not present at Monday’s meeting.

Though the Annual Meeting was not able to be hosted on June 9th as planned due to the inability to attain the State mandated quorum, Hillcrest 11 homeowners did appoint their 20014-2015 HOA Board:

Jeff Ladner (Pres.), Geneva Bramell (Treasurer), Diane Ferguson and Jeanne Pichette.

In order to satisfy State requirements and  handle the business of a condominium community, Annual Meetings are essential.   Hopefully more residents will make a determined effort to attend when the next  Annual Meeting notice is posted and dispatched.




As we approach our Annual Meeting on June 9th at 6.30pm, at which time Hillcrest 11 residents are requested to vote for their new HOA Board because this year we have more than four eligible candidates, we review the building projects and enhancements completed by volunteers on your current HOA Board:

1.  Improved landscaping and repaired and enhanced irrigation system.
2.  Renovated and restructured parking courtyard (adding 3 spaces plus Drop-Off and Emergency/Service spots).
3.  Added energy-efficient lighting for security at walkways.
4.  Replaced aged A/C pump and motor.
5.  Purchased new energy-efficient laundry equipment (reduced cost per load and machines will pay for themselves in 10 months).
6.  Installed bulletin boards for convenience and to consolidate notices for residents.

7.  Installed cost-saving elevator emergency phone system to reduce expense by half.
8.  Installed new dumpster door, trash chutes and security fencing.
9.  Implemented  building website for enhanced communication and to serve as a repository of important documentation and community developments.
10. Repaired concrete issues effecting building for potential 40 year inspection.

11.  Rented Association-owned unit to generate revenue to Association.
12.  Improved and renovated front entrance walkway and first floor foyer.
13.  Added cameras to building for full coverage and greater sense of security and implemented remote access surveillance.
14.  Encouraged residents to take advantage of toilet rebate program to reduce water consumption (4 units so far).

All accomplished at minimum cost to the Association and immeasurable benefit to the added value to our property, security and sense of pride in our community.

Additionally, there were matters regarding waste removal, landscape maintenance and infractions with neighboring buildings that were addressed and resolved with diplomacy and the persistence of HOA Board volunteers.  Most residents are unaware of these matters because they were prevented from impacting your daily routine.

According to HOA Board President Jeffrey Ladner, “we were able to accomplish all of the above without having to raise monthly maintenance, and we were able to start putting funds into a reserve so we can maintain the building now that we have [completed overdue upgrades].”

At our Annual Meeting on June 9, 2014 at 6.30pm residents will vote for their new HOA Board of Directors.  “I’m sure residents of our building are as appreciative of the accomplishments of this Board as I am,” adds Mr. Ladner.  “I want to thank the residents of Hillcrest Building 11 for putting their trust in me, as the President, and in each member of the Board.”




All events are open to residents of all the following cities (proof of residency required).

Cooper City, Margate, Lauderdale Lakes, Unincorporated Broward County, Dania Beach, Deerfield Beach, Hollywood, Pembroke Park, Weston, West Park and Wilton Manors.

  • Residents may drop off:  Aerosol products   Ammunition   Antifreeze   Auto fluids   Auto bateries   Boat batteries   Boat fluids  Charcoal starter   Compact fluorescent bulbs   Fertilizers   Fire extinguishers   Fireworks   Flares   Fluorescent tubes   Gasoline  Herbicides   Household cleaners   Insecticides   Lawn chemicals   Mercury thermometers   Motor Oil   Paint   Pesticides   Pool Chemicals  Propane tanks  Rechargeable batteries  Rust remover  Solvents  Tires (limit 4)  Weed killer  Wood stain  Wood stripper
  • Residents may also drop off:  Computers  Printers  Cell phones  Monitors  Televisions  Chargers  Laptops  DVD or VCR Players  Keyboards  Copiers  Scanners  Mice  Fax machines

April 27th  8 am – 3 pm at 2600 Hollywood Blvd.  (City Hall Bldg.)

954-765-4999  //  http://www.broward.org/waste


The following items are NOT ACCEPTED:  Explosives   Microwaves   Small appliances   Alkaline batteries   Stereos/speakers   Biohazardous waste



Permanent Drop-off Sites (Saturdays Only, 8am – 4pm):

Davie – 5490 Reese Rd. 

Pompano Beach – 2780 N. Powerline Rd.

West Park – 5601 W. Hallandale Beach Blvd.



Annual HILLCREST 11 Summer Yard Sale

Please note, you must provide the table(s), rack(s), seating and ground coverageyou require to properly display the items you put out for sale.hillcrest11clubroom_6296

Clothing, appliances, decorations, books, art, housewares … got stuff in good condition, bring it out and make a buck for passing it to folks who can get more use from your stuff.

Winning certain sales might require some bargaining, so bring your best haggling skills.  Recreation room #3 (pic at right) will provide shelter from rain and sun.  The greenspace at Building #11 (pic at top) can be used to display items that will attract traffic to your stall.


By signing up here you help us properly prepare this event and accurately estimate how many  residents are participating, kindly complete the following form: