HOA Board members have repeatedly appealed to residents to take responsibility for the condition they leave common areas in when doing construction in their unit.  It is unfair and discourteous to others who are invested in this community, to not clean up after your renovation work.  And be mindful of how you can minimize the debris and residue placed in common areas.   The above photos were taken last week.  Fernando pitched in with the cleaning staff to mop up the mess near unit #110 after the contractor attempted to clean up without appropriate cleaning liquid.

eldorado eldorado2

Yesterday two residents interrupted the delivery of furniture to unit #303 (see photos above)  when a delivery crew attempted to use our passenger elevator.  They were instructed to use stairs.  (If  delivery staff refuse to obey, document their truck identification then call the company or post a complaint on their company’s Facebook page.)  Time and again, HOA Board members have said DO NOT transport heavy and hefty items in our elevator because it is not designed for such use and is costly to repair.  When moving or receiving appliances and furniture tell the delivery crew or movers which staircase to use.


As we approach our Annual Meeting on June 9th at 6.30pm, at which time Hillcrest 11 residents are requested to vote for their new HOA Board because this year we have more than four eligible candidates, we review the building projects and enhancements completed by volunteers on your current HOA Board:

1.  Improved landscaping and repaired and enhanced irrigation system.
2.  Renovated and restructured parking courtyard (adding 3 spaces plus Drop-Off and Emergency/Service spots).
3.  Added energy-efficient lighting for security at walkways.
4.  Replaced aged A/C pump and motor.
5.  Purchased new energy-efficient laundry equipment (reduced cost per load and machines will pay for themselves in 10 months).
6.  Installed bulletin boards for convenience and to consolidate notices for residents.

7.  Installed cost-saving elevator emergency phone system to reduce expense by half.
8.  Installed new dumpster door, trash chutes and security fencing.
9.  Implemented  building website for enhanced communication and to serve as a repository of important documentation and community developments.
10. Repaired concrete issues effecting building for potential 40 year inspection.

11.  Rented Association-owned unit to generate revenue to Association.
12.  Improved and renovated front entrance walkway and first floor foyer.
13.  Added cameras to building for full coverage and greater sense of security and implemented remote access surveillance.
14.  Encouraged residents to take advantage of toilet rebate program to reduce water consumption (4 units so far).

All accomplished at minimum cost to the Association and immeasurable benefit to the added value to our property, security and sense of pride in our community.

Additionally, there were matters regarding waste removal, landscape maintenance and infractions with neighboring buildings that were addressed and resolved with diplomacy and the persistence of HOA Board volunteers.  Most residents are unaware of these matters because they were prevented from impacting your daily routine.

According to HOA Board President Jeffrey Ladner, “we were able to accomplish all of the above without having to raise monthly maintenance, and we were able to start putting funds into a reserve so we can maintain the building now that we have [completed overdue upgrades].”

At our Annual Meeting on June 9, 2014 at 6.30pm residents will vote for their new HOA Board of Directors.  “I’m sure residents of our building are as appreciative of the accomplishments of this Board as I am,” adds Mr. Ladner.  “I want to thank the residents of Hillcrest Building 11 for putting their trust in me, as the President, and in each member of the Board.”


In an effort to improve the curb appeal of our community, the Hillcrest Presidents’ Council Executive Board approved expenditures to enhance the park area located at the corner of Hillcrest Court and Hillcrest Lane for our residents.

The project was granted to Tobin Properties under the direction of HCPC Chair, Jeffrey Ladner, for the planting of nine Live Oak trees along the streets which will eventually provide a shade canopy over the adjourning sidewalk and streets.   The project also consisted of establishing a planting mound on the corner of Hillcrest Court and Hillcrest Lane with signage for the park area which will eventually include the name of the park, as well as the designation as a private park for use by residents of HCPC buildings.  This new signage is framed by low-maintenance plantings to enhance the entrance into our community.

Additional improvements were made to the adjourning BBQ area near Pool #3 which included the installation of two gazebos and four grills which have been relocated away from the pool fence.  Eventually, landscaping in that area will be improved to enhance the connection to the park area.

Lonnie Saunders, the new HCPC maintenance person, was charged in installation of the gazebos as well as repairing the irrigation system to ensure the new landscaping and park area remains green and lush.

Residents are starting to use the new areas, many have been seen  lounging under the new gazebos to read, socialize or enjoy the beautiful weather with their family.  The HCPC Executive Board hopes this becomes a social hub for our community, and gets neighbors to know their neighbors while enhancing the beauty and amenities of our community.



The remodeled first floor of our building’s foyer is completed, the glaze is setting. Your cooperation with avoiding using this pedestrian area as the materials set is appreciated.

Please note that all heavy duty deliveries, such as appliances, furniture and moving boxes of home items must use the ramp/walkway by the blue recycle bins.  While this will give the foyer flooring a longer life, it is primarily for the convenience of all residents.  No one should have the entrance to their home blocked by a delivery or moving truck.  Please advise your delivery drivers of the access ramp/walkway they must use.

Residents are empowered to enforce this rule if they see a truck parked blocking the pedestrian entrance to our building.  Discretely take a cell phone pic, with license plate showing, as evidence.

While the flooring finish may look like a $4000 custom job, it cost less than replacing the old awning with a new one, according to the Board President who managed the project.  The tab was in the ballpark of $2,600.  Each resident should take ownership in the upkeep of the beautiful foyer that greets us each day.




The remodel of the first floor foyer at our building (pictured above) will be completed next week. For your safety, please be guided by all notices, caution tape and cones positioned near the foyer during construction.

To accommodate the construction work on the floor, ALL RESIDENTS should note effective immediately:

NO DELIVERIES CAN HAPPEN IN THE FRONT ENTRANCE DURING CONSTRUCTIONthe first floor entrance will be for PEDESTRIAN USE ONLY.   Please tell your FEDEX or UPS courier to access the staircase via the dumpster ramp, or postpone deliveries if possible.

All deliveries, moving, service and contractors must use the dumpster ramp area (pictured here) instead while construction is happening.  DCIM100GOPRO

Vehicles should not park at the building’s entrance area for any reason.  Please use the dumpster ramp/path to transport large items while construction is underway.

Unoccupied vehicles parked at the dumpster area will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Your cooperation and patience is appreciated during this minor inconvenience.


La remodelación de la primera planta en el vestíbulo de nuestro edificio (en la foto) se completará la próxima semana. Para su seguridad, por favor, se adhieren a todos los avisos, cinta de precaución y conos situados cerca del vestíbulo durante la construcción.

Para dar cabida a los trabajos de construcción en el suelo, TODOS LOS RESIDENTES deben tener en cuenta con efecto inmediato:

NO ENTREGAS puede suceder en la entrada principal DURANTE LA CONSTRUCCIÓN – la primera entrada de la planta será de uso peatonal SOLAMENTE. Informe a su servicio de mensajería FEDEX o UPS para acceder a la escalera a través de la rampa de contenedor, o aplazar las entregas si es posible.

Todas las entregas, Mudanza, servicio y contratistas deben utilizar el área de rampa contenedor de basura en su lugar, mientras que la construcción está pasando.

Los vehículos no deben estacionarse en el área la entrada del edificio por cualquier razón. Por favor, use la rampa contenedor / ruta para transportar objetos grandes mientras que la construcción está en marcha.

Vehículos estacionados desocupadas en el área de basurero serán remolcados a costa del propietario.


CONGRATULATIONS homeowners at Hillcrest 11, you are the owners of straight-from-the-factory, commercial SpeedQueen laundry machines.

Our community invested $3,800 in three new electric washing machines and three dryers, which were installed yesterday.  We did not renew our lease with MacGray.  But their contract granted MacGray first right of refusal upon review of competitive bids for the purchase of laundry equipment.

Your payment to use laundry machines will be reinvested in repairs and pay our water and electric bills to operate six laundry machines.  By unanimous Board vote machine use charge was reduced to $1 per use.

It is important that we all chip-in to maintain the machines by properly handling them.  Each laundry room has a big notice posted with guidelines.  The inside lid of each washing machine has operating instructions.  Please read them.


The stainless steel tub of the washing machines are deeper than previous machines, but the water level is lower than the previous machines.  Watch where the water tops off before you leave the laundry room so you do not overload washers.

The ‘NORMAL’ setting on the dryer offers the hottest temperature.  The other two settings on the dryer are cooler.

Do not sit or rest heavy baskets on machines, that will off balance them and make them non-operational.  We need to avoid unnecessary repair calls.

Funds collected from machines will be done so monthly by two Board members, one serving as witness, then tallied, recorded and submitted to our accountant.  That tally record of monthly deposits shall be available for review by current homeowners by contacting/visiting Jackie at USA Management Services, 6915 Taft Street, Hollywood, Fl.  Same can be done to review any expenses approved by the Board with community funds.


The sealcoating of our parking courtyard began Tuesday, August 27, 2013, a day behind schedule due to rain. Today’s application of sealant to the parking courtyard was due to begin around 7:40 am, but has been delayed due to rainfall that started at 8:10 am.

Until all road closure tape and signs are removed, kindly continue to park your vehicle on the swale alongside the pool and Recreation Room #3, and we can also park head-in on the side of the park behind our building that doesn’t have a sidewalk. See images below for parking guidance (click on an image to enlarge it).

Remember to lock your car and securely close our pedestrian gate behind you.

Your patience during this final phase of our capital improvement projects is appreciated.

En Espanol:

El Sealcoating de nuestro patio de estacionamiento comenzó Martes, 27 de agosto 2013, un día de retraso debido a la lluvia. Aplicación actual de sellador en el patio de estacionamiento debía comenzar en torno a 7:40 am, pero se ha retrasado debido a las lluvias que comenzaron a las 8:10 am.

Hasta que toda la cinta de cierre de la carretera y las señales se retiran, continúe deberán estacionar su vehículo en la cuneta junto a la piscina y recreo Cuarto # 3, y también podemos estacionar de frente en el lado del parque detrás de nuestro edificio que no tiene una acera. Ver imágenes abajo para la orientación de estacionamiento (haga clic en una imagen para verla más grande).

Recuerde guardar su coche y cerrar bien nuestra puerta peatonal detrás de usted.

Su paciencia durante esta fase final de los proyectos de mejora de capital se aprecia.


The recently completed  landscape enhancements represent the third segment of the capital improvement project that is nearly completed.  Repair to the irrigation system and installation of curbs and islands were also executed as part of the capital improvement.  Some smaller acquisitions or upgrades that happened include: new lanterns at the building’s entrance and induction lighting installed on both sides of the building.  Subscribe to this website and check the community bulletin board for updates on other projects in the pipeline that are due for completion soon.

The landscape upgrade that created a tropical garden and heightened our building’s curb appeal, symbolizes a breath of fresh air that has uplifted the spirit of some Hillcrest 11 residents we’ve heard from.  Whether you feel renewed or like a new chapter is about to unfold, the completed projects should serve to inspire a greater sense of appreciation for the gem we call home.  When you pick up dead leaves, prevent someone from littering and settle up your outstanding dues, you’re making a positive contribution to promote the value in your real estate investment.

Please use the comment box below to share your sentiments, ideas and opinions.

En Espanol:

Las mejoras del paisaje recientemente terminados representan la tercera parte del proyecto de mejora de capital que está casi terminado . Reparación del sistema de riego y la instalación de bordillos y las islas también fueron ejecutados como parte de la mejora de capital . Algunas adquisiciones más pequeñas o actualizaciones que sucedieron incluyen: nuevas linternas en la entrada del edificio y la iluminación de inducción instalado a ambos lados del edificio . Suscribirse a este sitio web y comprobar el tablón de anuncios para las actualizaciones en otros proyectos en cartera que debe concluir pronto.

La actualización del paisaje que crea un jardín tropical y acentúa el atractivo de nuestro edificio, simboliza un soplo de aire fresco que ha levantado el espíritu de algunos Hillcrest 11 residentes que hemos escuchado de . Si usted se siente renovado o como un nuevo capítulo está a punto de desarrollarse, los proyectos terminados deben servir para inspirar a un mayor sentido de agradecimiento por la joya que llamamos nuestro hogar . Al recoger las hojas muertas , evitar que alguien tirar basura y conformarse con su cuotas pendientes , que está haciendo una contribución positiva para promover el valor de su inversión inmobiliaria .

Por favor, utilice la casilla de comentarios abajo para compartir sus sentimientos , ideas y opiniones.


The landscape improvement project researched, coordinated and designed by HOA Board president Jeff, consumed the week of August 12 – 16.  As the pieces of this beautification project came together, residents were drawn from their home and into the courtyards to soak-in the transformation.  Some residents pitched in to water plants, prune and tote rocks.  Some paused to share in conversation.  Many offered comments and showered Jeff with compliments.  A sense of pride in community blossomed.  Benches may be added to the courtyards, but until then feel free to use your own portable seating to enjoy the tropical community garden growing at your doorstep.

Please use the comment area below to share your thoughts about the landscaping project that is now completed.  Remember, your support is needed to help it thrive and drive up our property value, please don’t litter.

En Espanol:

El proyecto de mejora del paisaje investigado, coordinado y diseñado por HOA presidente de la Junta Jeff, consumida la semana del 12 de agosto – 16. Como las piezas de este proyecto de embellecimiento se reunieron, los residentes fueron extraídas de su casa y en los patios para absorber-en la transformación. Algunos residentes lanzadas para regar las plantas, podan y bolsas de piedras. Algunos se detuvieron a participar en la conversación. Muchos ofrecieron comentarios y nos duchamos Jeff con elogios. Un sentimiento de orgullo en la comunidad floreció. Bancos se pueden añadir a los patios, pero hasta entonces no dude en utilizar su propio asiento portátil para disfrutar del jardín de la comunidad cada vez más tropical a su puerta.

Utilice el área de comentarios de abajo para compartir sus pensamientos sobre el proyecto de paisajismo que ahora se ha completado. Recuerde que se necesita su apoyo para ayudar a prosperar y en coche hasta nuestro valor de la propiedad, por favor, no la basura.


The Homeowners Association would like to gauge the level of interest among residents in using a bulk discount opportunity to replace older model windows with hurricane impact windows.

If enough residents commit to concurrently upgrade their windows through Lowe’s Home Improvement, we would qualify for a bulk discount on labor and materials through the manufacturer, for all residents who participate.

Additionally, Lowe’s is offering financing for 84 months with no early payment penalty for qualifying minimum purchases and credit qualifications of residents.  Regardless of how you pay, you qualify for the bulk discount.

The Association will incur the cost of City permit and application fee, should we obtain participation from sufficient residents.  The advantage of upgrading includes: savings on individual insurance rates, energy savings, potential tax rebates and reduction of invasive sounds.

The savings to residents would be approximately 10% on labor and materials.  On a two-bedroom with five windows the savings on labor and materials is roughly $900.

To qualify for this discount we need a total of 30 windows for replacement.  Just indicate your interest by August 21.  Contact Jeff in #203 or enter a comment below, or send email to


$1,484 – triple window

$1,169 – double window

$866 – bath window

$10 to remove and dispose of each old window

Includes 5 year warranty


City permit which costs 3% of cost of project.

City permit processing fee of $125.

10% off labor and materials


It’s true folks, there’s pain, before gain.  Get ready for a few weeks of painful inconvenience in order gain the property enhancements many residents have patiently been awaiting.  Below is your handy schedule to help you navigate work in progress zones.  Please notice when and where you must relocate your car and when truck deliveries will not have access to the parking courtyard.  Please, please, please adhere to the roped off areas for your own safety and to avoid delaying progress.  (DATES LISTED ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE DUE TO WEATHER, ETC.)


Weather permitting, around Friday, July 26, 2013 Tree Logic will start trimming and excavating trees from the courtyard.  Residents parked facing the grass courtyard, near the main entrance to building and at the fence, should relocate their car to a guest space prior to 9am.  This is phase one of the landscaping capital improvement project and may take two days.treeremoval


The week of July 29, 2013, Gold Coast Sealcoat will begin cutting asphalt and installing curbs in the parking courtyard.

If your parking space is cordoned off and temporarily inaccessible, kindly park your car on the swale between the street and sidewalk near the pool at the back of our building (see pic below).  Do not park on sidewalk.  Do not park on median on Hillcrest Court, you will be towed.  Display the permit notice you received on your dashboard.  Avoid rolling over orange flags that identify sprinkler heads.hillcrest11temppark_6294


On July 25, 2013, repair and extension of the sprinkler system for the main courtyard and both sides of the building will begin.


The week of August 12, 2013, new trees, plants and hedges will arrive and installation begins.  If your parking space is  cordoned off and temporarily inaccessible, kindly use a guest parking space or park on the swale between the street and sidewalk near the pool at the back of our building (see pic below).  Avoid rolling over orange flags that identify sprinkler heads.


The current parking courtyard.

The current parking courtyard.

The week of August 26, 2013, Gold Coast Sealcoat will begin application of sealing agents.  Only half of the parking courtyard will be inaccessible at any time during application.  Please schedule your truck deliveries accordingly.  We are permitted to park on the swale between the street and the sidewalk near the pool (see pic below)Do not park on sidewalk.  Do not park on median on Hillcrest Court, you will be towed.  Display the permit notice you received on your dashboard.  Avoid rolling over orange flags that identify sprinkler heads.