Below are a list of application, request and notice forms needed to be completed and submitted to a Board member for common items:

Click on the item below to be directed to the applicable form:

  • Additional Parking Space Request & Agreement
    • This form is used to request an additional space, if available, for a second vehicle to have a reserved space in parking lot.
  • Parking Permit Decal Application
    • This form is used to request a parking decal permit for any resident vehicle authorized to parking in building parking lot. This form must be completed for any new vehicle.  DO NOT MOVE EXISTING PERMIT FROM OLD VEHICLE TO NEW VEHICLE.
  • Service Interruption Request Form
    • This form is to request to have the main water valve turned off or to have the AC pump turned off due to work done in unit requiring this to be done.  Notice must be given to all residents prior to this being done.  In cases of emergencies, contact a Board member immediately.
  • Request for Elevator Use and Access to Common Areas
    • This form is to request access to the building by hired contractors doing renovation work in your unit.  This form must be completed and returned to a Board member when having any large item delivered (such as furniture or appliance) or when moving in or out of the building. The requisite deposit must also be submitted with the form.
  • Extended Stay Guest Registration Form
    • The form must be submitted to the Board as required in our by-laws and rules and regulations when having a guest stay beyond 15 days.  Please refer to the Use and Occupancy page under the resident section.
  • Hillcrest 11 Application Form
    • This form should be completed and submitted to the Association if at any time in the future an approved owner wants to have another individual move into their unit. Any additional individual MUST go through the application and screening process as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors. The application and screening may take thirty (30) days to be completely processed and approved.
  • Amenity Fob Request Form
    • This form is to to request a fob for the amenities owned and managed by the Hillcrest Presidents Council which includes the four pool areas, fitness center and clubhouses.  This form MUST be submitted to the Hillcrest Presidents Council.  All required documentation must be submitted along with the form along with $10 (checks made payable to Hillcrest Presidents Council).