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Dear Hillcrest Building 11 Residents:

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce a new resource library of forms, requests and applications needed by residents to submit to the Association for various items such as:

  1. Request of water valve shut off
  2. Request to have AC pump turned off
  3. Parking permit application
  4. Extended stay guest registration
  5. Request for access to common areas by contractors or for the delivery of large items to your unit.

Hopefully, this will allow a more convenient means for our residents to access these documents in order to submit timely to the Board of Directors.

The Resource Library is located at the top of the main page menu.  Or you can click here –>  Hillcrest Building 11 Resource Library


No Smoking in Common Areas

no smoking


Dear Hillcrest Building 11 Residents and Guests,

Due to Florida Chapter 386, which regulates and prohibits smoking in public places, please be aware that smoking is NOT permitted in the common areas of our building.  This regulation is specifically drafted to prevent secondhand smoke dangers to others.

Therefore, smoking is not permitted in the elevator, along the walk-ways, stairways, sidewalks, or any other outdoor common area.  This includes when walking to and from your car and from or to your unit.

Although this regulation does not prohibit you from smoking within your unit, please be mindful and courteous of your neighbors when smoking on your balcony.

Also, as we all live under the same roof, to prevent the possibility of a fire please be  careful with disposal of cigarette butts in your trash to ensure they are completely extinguished and avoid smoking in bed.

Additionally, littering of any kind is strictly prohibited which includes the disposal of cigarette butts on the lawn, landscaping areas,  over the railings, parking lot or any other common area.

Smoking in or along common areas, or the disposal of cigarette butts in common areas will result in fines being accessed to the owner.   The Board of Directors have observed discarded butts along our building entrances and walkways.  This is both unsightly and prohibited per rules and regulations with regard to littering.

Please advise your guest of these restrictions as per our condominium rules and regulations, owners are responsible for the conduct of their guests.

Thank you for your cooperation,

The Board of Directors


Every unit owner should have received a mailing that addresses the Hillcrest 11 bylaws that pertain to long-term guests.  Recently, our HOA Board encountered four unit owners who did not register their long-term guest or had guests (renters) live in their unit in a manner that was sneaky.  In one instance,  unauthorized tenants were discovered when a realtor came to show a 2-bedroom unit advertised as a rental.  The new parking permit policy has been useful in identifying such misconduct.  These incidents are alarming and triggered swift response from the Board to discourage further breaches.

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Dear Residents of Hillcrest Buildings 1-18

The winter-time FOB distribution for the pools and fitness center will be as follows to accommodate our returning part-time residents:

  • Friday, November 6, 2015
  • Friday, November 20, 2015
  • Friday, December 18, 2015
  • Wednesday, January 6, 2016
  • Friday, January 22, 2016

The distribution location will be at Clubhouse Two.  Clubhouse Two is located on the cul-de-sac at the end of Hillcrest Court.

ADDRESS:  1151 S. Hillcrest Court.           TIME: 6pm—7pm

As a reminder, FOBS are only distributed to the owner of record (Only one fob per unit)

Please bring the following documents:
1. Photo ID
2. Copy of tax bill.
3. $10 cash or check made payable to Hillcrest Presidents Council
4. New Resident/Owners – copy of Board approval form
5. Renters: Copy of current executed lease agreement.


The water you waste costs you money.  It’s that simple.

thThat leaky toilet you forget to fix, running water when you’re not using it, and the water you don’t recycle show up in our monthly water bill.

Please notify a Board member if you notice a water leak or the toilet in your unit continuously runs as if the tank is still filling long after it was flushed.

Fixing a leaky toilet saves HUNDREDS OF GALLONS OF WATER a day, and that saves money. A leaky, running toilet wastes more water than a dripping faucet.

Building water bills are our biggest expense.  Remember, each of us is responsible for paying building bills through our monthly maintenance payment.  If building bills increase that can hike up your monthly maintenance dues.

A handy tipsheet that was delivered to your door to help get you into the GOOD HABIT of SAVING WATER and keeping our water bills reasonable.  No one wants higher HOA dues, so stop flushing money down your toilet.


  1. Take shorter showers; baths use more water.Water Pressure
  2. Don’t run water while shaving or brushing teeth.
  3. Only run laundry machine and dishwasher with full load.
  4. Replace old toilets, shower head and faucets with water-conserving fixtures.
  5. Don’t leave faucet running while soaping dishes or rinsing fruits/veggies.
  6. Recycle old water by using it on plants instead of throwing it down a drain.

Give yourself an applause if you already practice 4 or 5 of these tips every day or encourage neighbors to get hooked on these good habits.

Saving water to lower our bills is everyone’s responsibility and should be taken seriously when you consider the high cost for wasting water.



Per Association by-laws, any work by a contractor which is done on or within the common areas, or outside the confines of your unit, MUST be communicated to the Board of Directors and must be approved in writing by the Board of Directors.  If any work is done without approval, the resident can be required to endure the cost to return the common area back to its original condition.

This includes attachments to the bDCIM100GOPROuilding, cutting into any common wall, roof or any other building element, and access to the common attic (via access ports on 3rd floor, see photos) or electrical meter room.

Request must be submitted in writing along with detailed information on the scope of work, along with copies of the contractor’s license and insurance. Additionally, any major work within a residential unit must also receive Board of Director approval, per Association by-laws.  This includes electrical, plumbing or major structural changesDCIM100GOPRO

Request must be submitted in writing along with copies of contractor’s license and insurance information. These guidelines ensure the protection of common property and other residents who could be effected by inadequate, improper or sloppy workmanship or unlicensed work. Your cooperation and assistance is expected and appreciated


Board of Directors



In an effort to establish guidelines to schedule services and to minimize inconvenience to residents, please adhere to these guidelines:

Non-emergency water valve and AC pump shut-off will only happen on Wednesdays and Thursdays after 10 am (if there’s no water leakage).   Request form must be received 48 hours prior to scheduled work.

Urgent service (where there is water leakage) must be scheduled Monday—Friday after 10 am and request form must be received 24 – 48 hours prior to scheduled work.  Must be verified by Board member.

If repair work is done after a unit shut-off valve, service will NOT be turned off.

If repair work is done at or before the unit shut-off valve, then click the blue link below to download the form you must complete and submit.



1.  All requests must be received by a member of the Board allowing for 48 business hours notice in advance of work.

2.  The contractor/unit owner MUST CONTACT A BOARD MEMBER BEFORE work begins to grant access to turn the water or AC pump off.

3.  The contractor/unit owner is responsible for contacting a Board member when work is  completed.  The service will be restored upon completion of scheduled repairs, but no later than 3 pm.

4.  Any work that involves the interruption of service MUST be completed by a licensed and insured contractor, a copy of contractor’s license must be submitted with your service interruption request form.


Effective October 3, 2014, City of Hollywood residents will have a new phone number to call for all non-emergency police or fire services. Anyone who requires a non-emergency police or fire response should dial 954.764.HELP. This number is only for non-emergency police or fire services such as noise complaints or concerns about suspicious activity. IN AN EMERGENCY, ALWAYS CALL 911emergencyh354jpg


Message from City of Hollywood:

In 2002, residents of Broward County voted for a countywide emergency response system to address a fragmented system of emergency call processing and dispatching. With the increasing use of cell phones, a regional 911 system will eliminate inefficiencies, reduce costs and result in better emergency response because calls will not have to be transferred to numerous dispatch centers. Funding for the consolidation of 911 dispatch systems throughout Broward County was approved by the County Commission in 2013. Over the past year, cities have unified 911 operations with Broward County; Hollywood is the final City to join the unified operation.

For general City of Hollywood info and inquiries, dial the City’s general help line: 954.967.4357. Callers will hear a menu of City departments. After make a selection to be linked to the appropriate department. After-hours, callers will have the option to leave a message or be routed to an individual if their concern requires urgent response, such as water or sewer main breaks.

Menu options include public utilities, public works, parks and recreation, parking and the building departments. Callers are also informed of the option to report non-emergency concerns directly to the City by using Help me Hollywood on the City’s website

911 is nationally recognized as the number to call in an emergency to receive immediate help from police, fire, emergency medical services or other appropriate emergency response entities. By unifying with the Consolidated Regional 911 Emergency Dispatch System operated by Broward County, the City continues to make the health, safety and welfare of its residents and visitors its top priority.



Sample of unauthorized notice that is prohibited.

Due to the significant number of random notices recently posted in common areas to notify water or A/C interruptions due to private contractor work, a standardized notice form has been developed along with the following procedure for all who require to have main plumbing turned-off while performing work in your unit:

  • Any interruption in services effecting the entire building must be noticed on a Board-approved form and posted in obvious and conspicuous places for sufficient notification to residents.
  • Notices require 48-hour notice period (unless due to a repair of an emergency nature).


    This is the correct notice form to post to advise of service interruption, contact a Board member.

  • All service interruptions require notification and approval by a Board member.
  • All service interruption notices must utilize the approved form and must be signed by a Board member in order to be posted.
  • Service contractor cannot turn off service effecting the building without prior notice of the Board, unless of an emergency.

Your service contractor will not be authorized to interrupt services to the community and you will need to reschedule appointment if you do not use the approved notice form.

Avoid extra service call fees, download the Board-approved notice form,

just click there >> APPROVED NOTICE FORM


En Espanol

Debido al gran número de notificaciones aleatorios recientemente posted unapproved service notice en zonas comunes para notificar agua o interrupciones de A / C, debido a trabajos contratista privado, un formulario de notificación estándar ha sido desarrollado junto con el siguiente procedimiento para todos los que requieren tener plomería principal-off dado vuelta mientras se realiza el trabajo en su casa:

  • Cualquier interrupción en los servicios que afectan todo el edificio debe ser observado en un formulario aprobado por la Junta y publicadas en lugares obvios y evidentes de suficiente notificación a los residentes.
  • Avisos requieren plazo de preaviso de 48 horas (a menos que, debido a una reparación de carácter de emergencia).
  • Todas las interrupciones de servicio requieren notificación y aprobación por parte de un miembro del Consejo.
  • Todos los avisos de interrupciónes del servicio, deben utilizar el formulario aprobado y debe ser firmado por un miembro del Consejo con el fin de ser publicado.
  • Contratista de servicio no puede desactivar las notificaciones que el edificio sin previo aviso de la Junta, a menos de una emergencia.
  • Su contratista servicio no estará autorizado a interrumpir los servicios a la comunidad y tendrá que reprogramar la cita si usted no usa el formulario de notificación aprobado.


Evite gastos de llamadas de servicio adicionales, descargar el formulario de notificación aprobado por la Junta, basta con hacer clic allí >> FORMULARIO DE NOTIFICATION APROBADO







As we approach our Annual Meeting on June 9th at 6.30pm, at which time Hillcrest 11 residents are requested to vote for their new HOA Board because this year we have more than four eligible candidates, we review the building projects and enhancements completed by volunteers on your current HOA Board:

1.  Improved landscaping and repaired and enhanced irrigation system.
2.  Renovated and restructured parking courtyard (adding 3 spaces plus Drop-Off and Emergency/Service spots).
3.  Added energy-efficient lighting for security at walkways.
4.  Replaced aged A/C pump and motor.
5.  Purchased new energy-efficient laundry equipment (reduced cost per load and machines will pay for themselves in 10 months).
6.  Installed bulletin boards for convenience and to consolidate notices for residents.

7.  Installed cost-saving elevator emergency phone system to reduce expense by half.
8.  Installed new dumpster door, trash chutes and security fencing.
9.  Implemented  building website for enhanced communication and to serve as a repository of important documentation and community developments.
10. Repaired concrete issues effecting building for potential 40 year inspection.

11.  Rented Association-owned unit to generate revenue to Association.
12.  Improved and renovated front entrance walkway and first floor foyer.
13.  Added cameras to building for full coverage and greater sense of security and implemented remote access surveillance.
14.  Encouraged residents to take advantage of toilet rebate program to reduce water consumption (4 units so far).

All accomplished at minimum cost to the Association and immeasurable benefit to the added value to our property, security and sense of pride in our community.

Additionally, there were matters regarding waste removal, landscape maintenance and infractions with neighboring buildings that were addressed and resolved with diplomacy and the persistence of HOA Board volunteers.  Most residents are unaware of these matters because they were prevented from impacting your daily routine.

According to HOA Board President Jeffrey Ladner, “we were able to accomplish all of the above without having to raise monthly maintenance, and we were able to start putting funds into a reserve so we can maintain the building now that we have [completed overdue upgrades].”

At our Annual Meeting on June 9, 2014 at 6.30pm residents will vote for their new HOA Board of Directors.  “I’m sure residents of our building are as appreciative of the accomplishments of this Board as I am,” adds Mr. Ladner.  “I want to thank the residents of Hillcrest Building 11 for putting their trust in me, as the President, and in each member of the Board.”